Thanks for joining me!

The purpose of this website is to hopefully add to the list of good online resources for audition help for beginning actors.

If you’ve found this site, you probably have been searching for reliable audition resources, in which case you will understand what I mean when I say that it’s tough to find a good audition piece. Unfortunately, while there are a few great audition resource websites out there, when it comes to finding pieces, the pickings are slim.

That’s why I created this site… I was tired of googling resources for monologue auditions and coming up with the same few sites over and over, sites I’d already been browsing for several years!

On this site, I hope to not only provide ways to find good monologues, but also to give practical theatre and acting advice in general and recommend resources for how to get into the field, with tips from people who know.

The most important thing for me in starting this website is knowing what would be most important for you to hear. So please, comment! Ask questions, and I will do my best to answer them.

Break legs, everyone!



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