The first step in building your acting career is getting an education.

Some ask if an education is really necessary in a career that relies mostly on talent and experience. I ask, “How can you mold your talent and gain experience without education?”


Why study theatre at a college level?

Education offers a safe place for failure. If you fail in a real-world position, it will be detrimental to your career. If you fail in an education environment, you can move forward and learn from your mistakes without worrying that your job is at stake.

While some people are born with natural talent, none are born with already honed and sculpted talent that is ready for every situation. Dedication and experience trump talent in most cases, and look better on a resume.

If you are still not convinced, just take a look at how many really great actors have at least one degree in acting. Acting is a craft, and if you want to be serious about it, you need to learn all you can about it.

The biggest reason to get an education is that we live in an education-based career world. The reality is that degrees are the keys to higher paying jobs, more stable work environments, and financial security. A degree in theatre might not necessarily guarantee you a career in theatre, but it will guarantee a higher chance of having a career and getting hired.

Education is not just important for future job opportunities. It is important to your humanity. Education will expand your mind, and help you learn valuable life skills that may have nothing to do with your chosen field. For example, many colleges or universities have a financial literacy class, which will change your life and financial situation forever. Theatre majors who have minors in business or other fields are much more hireable in the long run.


It can be an amazing experience

I went to a pretty… different school, I guess you could say. It was a pretty small, private Christian university, but they have an AMAZING theatre department, with a great budget and a really incredible faculty. Also, everyone was just so, well, nice. We all just tried to help each other get better at acting, and I always felt like I had a support group who had my back. So I don’t know if everyone will have the experience I had.

But college theatre departments can definitely be amazing experiences, especially at a good college or university. If you aren’t having a good time, maybe it’s not the right environment for you.

What made you choose to get an education in theatre? Comment below!

Break legs, everyone!



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